Summit Themes

Transforming Higher Education for a Transformed South Africa in a 21 Century World: A Call to Action.

The broad purpose of the Summit is to enable critical reflection on transformation of the higher education sector. Framing questions for the Summit include the following:

  • What does a transformed higher education sector look like?
  • Where are we as a sector with regard to transformation? What have been the gains, and what are the pressing issues that still need to be addressed?
  • What actions need to be implemented in order to advance progress towards a fully transformed higher education sector?

Four Commissions will focus on the following themes:

  • Institutional Environments
  • Access and Success: Transitions into and transitions through higher education
  • Research and Engagement
  • Leadership, Management and Governance

A short discussion paper is being prepared for each thematic area. The papers are intended to highlight key questions which can be tackled in the Commissions, to highlight issues that impact and/or reflect the current state of transformation with respect to the theme; to elicit critical thinking and debate around the theme and so to provide a basis for constructive, lively discussion that will lead to real movement forward.