2015 Second Higher Education Summit Documents

Final 2nd HE Transfomation Summit Report

Public submissions - 2nd national HE Summit

Annex 1_DHET_Progress on 2010 HE Summit Resolutions

Annex 2_DHET_Addressing Systemic Higher Eduction Transformation

Annex 3_DHET_Progress with transformation _What do the data say

Annex 4_SAUS_Transformation is a Must

Annex 5_UnivSA_Reflections on HE Transformation

Annex 6_CHE_Transformation in Higher Education

Annex 7_NRF_Contribution to HE Transformation

Annex 8_TOC_Transformation of SA HE

Annex 9_DHET_Brief for commisions

Annex 10_Keet_Institutional Cultures-Environments

Annex 11_Kiguwa_Social inclusion and exclusion

Annex 12_Wilson-Strydom_Access and Success

Annex 13_Favish_Research and Engagement

Annex 14_Marwala_Postgraduate Supervision and Mentorship

Annex 15_de la Rey_Governance and Management

Annex 16_Maimela_SASCO_HE Transformation

2015 Durban HE Transformation Summit Statement