Programme outline

The Chinese Government is offering scholarships for South African students to study at Chinese institutions from September 2017. The scholarship may be awarded for postgraduate (Masters, PhD or Post-doc) or non-degree Chinese language studies. Bachelor’s degree scholarships are taught in Chinese and will only be awarded to applicants who already have the required level of Chinese proficiency (HSK 4 or above). Preference is given to applicants for postgraduate studies.

Degree level

Bachelor’s (only for those already proficient in Chinese) Master’s
Chinese language
Advanced Studies

Who can apply?

  • - South African citizens in good health with a strong academic record.
  • - Available to study in China from September 2017.
  • - Demonstrated interest in China and commitment to the development of South Africa.
  • - Applications for PhD studies are open to all fields of study.
  • - For other levels of study, preference will be given to postgraduates and applications in the following fields:
    • • Biotechnology
    • • Chinese language studies
    • • Environment and Climate change
    • • Engineering Maritime Studies
    • • Natural and physical sciences
    • • Nuclear and renewable energy
    • • Space science and technology
    • • Statistics
    • • Telecommunication
  • - All students must meet the minimum academic requirements for entry into a similar programme at a South African university.
  • - All bachelor’s applicant must have a HSK Level 4 certificate in order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship.

It is the responsibility of each candidate to do research into available programmes, institutions and programme-specific entrance criteria. The programmes and institutions available under this scholarship are listed at

Further details on eligibility and criteria are in the attached document.

Application process

The application process is two-fold:

  1. Complete the DHET application form Application form and email it with all supporting documents to by 22 March 2017.
  2. Shortlisted candidate will be required to complete the CSC online application which can be downloaded on and submit a completed medical examination form (medical tests to be done at applicants own cost). Only candidates who are notified that they are shortlisted need to submit these forms.


Applications may be submitted by email and must reach the DHET by the deadline of 22 March 2017.

By email: Subject: Chinese Scholarship Application, [Your surname]

If attachments exceed 3MB, they will not be received. Please contact us regarding an alternative means to submit.

Enquiries: email:

All applications received by the DHET will be acknowledged by email within 2 working days. Please follow up if you do not receive an email acknowledgement.