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The second issue of the Research Bulletin on Post-School Education and Training is as welcome as the first – if not more so. The response to the call for contributions has again been excellent. Evidently the Bulletin is meeting a need. At the time of writing, the first issue of the Bulletin had been viewed by well over 5 000 visitors.

May the Bulletin continue to attract readers and shine a light on the complex world of post-school learning. May it bring the producers and users of post-school research closer to one another. Thanks again to researchers, research organisations and public entities for their contributions.




A proposal for undergraduate curriculum reform in South Africa: The case for a flexible curriculum structure (Council on Higher Education)

Low throughput in undergraduate higher education, and the resultant shortage of graduates in the country, is a pervasive challenge facing the higher education sector. The task team proposes the introduction of an extended and flexible curriculum structure for undergraduate education in South Africa....READ MORE

Skills-biased labour demand and the pursuit of inclusive growth in South Africa (Haroon Bhorat, Sumayya Goga and Ben Stanwix)

Employment in high-and medium-skilled occupations such as managers, professionals, service and sales workers has increased significantly. By contrast, there has been no significant growth in the number of low skilled workers, and the proportion of medium-skilled workers in the primary and secondary sectors of the economy has declined ……. READ MORE


Education, the economy and society: NMI and CIPSET's approach (Enver Motala and Ivor Baatjes)

Entry into formal labour markets through the attainment of a job has become increasingly unrealisable for millions of South Africans. There is simply not enough demand for jobs regardless of the quality of supply……. READ MORE




The Research Bulletin on Post-School Education and Training is published by the Department of Higher Education and Training as a service to the research community and all stakeholders and participants in lifelong learning. The Research Bulletin is intended to be an annual browser-based application. It comprises research abstracts and summaries, conference notices, call for papers, statistical analysis and similar short pieces of interest to all concerned with post-school learning.

The Bulletin promotes research. It is not primarily a journal of opinion but it will be hospitable to all well-argued and substantiated views, for which the authors alone will have responsibility. Contributions are expected to be brief (maximum 400 words). Plain language is encouraged and excessive use of jargon is discouraged. The editorial committee will assist authors to observe these criteria. The final decision to accept a contribution rests with the editorial committee. Material published in the Bulletin may be freely disseminated but the source (Research Bulletin on Post-School Education and Training) must be acknowledged.


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