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Bids ​​​​​​​Awarded 

​Name​Description​Closing Date
RFQ006, DHET075, DHET077​Publication of Awards
DHET 062,063,065,071,072 and 073​Publication of Awards
​DHET 66,67,68​Publication of Awards
DHET 070Publication of Awards
DHET 061Publication of Awards
Publication of awards​​Tender awarded
Awarded tender Erratum:DHET 05Management of funds for the National Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (IHSS) on behalf of DHET
DHET 057,059 and RQF 004​Publication of bids awarded
 ​​DHET 041 ​​Publication of awards
DHET 044, 046, 048, 050 & 053

DHET 026 Project Management and design of 13 new furthur education and training campuses and refurbishment of 2 campuses
DHET 032
 Building contractors for the establishment of 12 new college campuses and the refurb​ishment of 2 existing ones. : Closing date 26 August 2013 at 11h00
DHET 032
 Bid Opening Register - Re​vised
DHET 032
 Briefing Sessions Direction​s to Venues
DHET 033
Machanical Services Contractors for the Establishment of 12 New FET College Campuses a​nd Refurbishment of 2 Existing ones
DHET 034
​  Bid Opening R​egister
DHET 034 Electrical Services Contractors for the Establishment of 12 New FET College Campuses and Refurbis​hment of 2 Existing ones
DHET 035Terms of Reference to appoint a service provider to develop learning pathways for the c​areer advice portal (NCAP)
DHET 037
NB Only SITA contract 570 service providers, which are accredited under the following services ​must Bid
DHET 037Specifications for the further development of the central applications clearing house for the Department of Higher Education and Training
DHET 038
​ Appointment of a service provider to ​supply and deliver news papers to the Department of Higher Education and Training for a period of one year with a possibility of renewal on a year to year basis for a period not exceeding three years.​​
DHET 040Briefing session attendance list for ten​der no: DHET 040
DHET 040
Proposals for the appointment of a service provider to assist the national skills fund to transform into a fully-fledg​ed schedule 3A public entity
DHET 041
Building of 12 FET College Ca​mpuses and the Refurbishment of 2 others
DHET 041​ List of Bi​dders
DHET 042
Installation of the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) System and the Building management system and security services(BMSS) at the 12 new ​FET College Campuses and the Refurbishment of 2 existing ones
DHET 044
RFQ Specification for backup, archiving and recovery solution. NB: A compulsory briefing se​ssion will be held on 23/01/14 @ 177 Francis Baard str, Ndinaye Building, 7th Floor @ 11H00
DHET 045
.Terms of Reference for Unified Server, Virtualisation and Storage. NB: Closing date will be 7th February. Compulsory briefing session date : 29th Ja​n @11.00 AM. Only Service Providers Accredited under 153 Contract Should Participate.
DHET 046
Terms of reference to appoint a consultant to develop a national research agenda for career development i​n South Africa