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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Research Activities​

The RCME Directorate is coordinating the following research activities:​​

Research Forum on Post-School Education and Training

The DHET has established a Research Forum on Post-School Education and Training. The Research Forum serves as a platform for sharing information and ideas, collaborating and networking on research relating to Post-School Education and Training.

​Research Colloquium

The RCME Directorate organises an annual research colloquium in partnership with Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs).

The purpose of the Research Colloquium is to deepen the conversation among stakeholders in the PSET sector in order to share research findings and promote research utilisation and dissemination.

More research resources available​

​Research Bulletin

The RCME Directorate began publishing an online annual Research Bulletin on PSET in 2013. The Research Bulletin provides a platform for stakeholders to share information about new research and development pertaining to the PSET sector.

The Department has published three editions of the Research Bulletin on PSET on the website.

Copies of the ebulletin available and other research resources available

Research Agenda

The RCME Directorate developed the DHET Research Agenda which sets out the research needs of the Department for the period April 2014 to March 2017. 

It has been developed to inform planning processes within the Department; inform research stakeholders of the Department's research priorities; signal to funders and development partners what research areas require investment; and assist the Department to guide resource allocation for research.  The priorities will also be used to guide research on PSET undertaken by academics and independent research institutes and organisations.

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​Internal research seminars

The RCME Directorate organises quarterly internal research seminars.

The research seminar series provides a platform for Departmental staff to share research experience and findings, stimulate debate and promote the exchange of ideas on important topics in post-school education and training. Internal seminars are held once every quarter, in the Department.

Research Standards and Guidelines

The RCME Directorate has developed 2 standards:

​​More research resources available

​Research requests

The RCME Directorate processes research requests to undertake research in public TVET Colleges and public Community Colleges.  The Directorate facilitates a Director-General (DG) letter of approval for the student/researcher to conduct research in the relevant public institution, following receipt of a completed application form, a research proposal, and an Ethics Clearance Certificate.

More research resources available​

​Planned and current research on PSET

The RCME Directorate collects information on current and planned research amongst the DHET and its entities on an annual basis. The information is consolidated ad presented at the annual Research Colloquium. It is also published on the website.

​Research Repository on PSET

The RCME unit will be managing the research repository on research on PSET. The repository is currently being managed by the HSRC as part of the LMIP project – and will be transferred to the Department in December 2016.


In terms of sector monitoring, the RCME Directorate is doing the following:

​Diagnostic Assessment of DHET M&E system

The purpose of this project is to conduct a diagnostic assessment of the DHET's M&E system and to recommend areas of improvement.

​Skills Planning

The RCME Directorate is doing the following with regard to skills planning:

  • The Directorate has been responsible for developing a list of occupations in high demand. The first list was gazette in November 2014.
  • The Directorate serves as the secretariat for an inter-branch committee on skills planning.
  • A concept note for the establishment of the envisaged skills planning unit has been prepared.​

​​Workplace-based Learning research conducted by local researchers should serve as a foundation upon which a draft policy on Workplace-Based Learning could be formulated said the Department of Higher Education and Training's Director-General (DG) Gwebinkundla Qonde.​​

Did you know?

A new initiative for 2016/17 is an evaluation in partnership with the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Coordination to increase enrolment in the TVET Colleges. 


Statistics on Post-School Education in South Africa 2013


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