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Call for public submissions - Ministerial committee responsible for the review of the funding of Uni.pdf
Collective agreement No.1 of 2010 Establish parity in salaries of Support Staff, 27 October 2011.pdf
Collective agreement on the collection of the levy fund FET Colleges, 27 October 2011.pdf
Funding of Public Higher Education Framework of 2003, 31 Aug 2011.pdf
Government Gazzete notice - appointment of an Administrator for Walter Sisulu University, 2 November.pdf
Guidelines on strategy and priorities for NQF, 14 September 2011.pdf
Journal list for 2011 publications.xls
Ministerial Statement on funding for 2011-12.pdf
Report on the Charter for Humanities and Social Sciences for public comment, 16 July 2011.pdf
Request for Quotation (RFQ) - Finalisation of Distance HE Policy in South Africa,22 Feb 2011.pdf
Salary notches with effect from 1 May 2011 for full-time employees FETC Lecturers, 27 October 2011.xls
Skills Development Act 1998, Listing of occupations as Trades Gazette no 34666, 7 October 2011.pdf
Tender invitation to arrange events, travel and accommodation DHET 006, May 2011.pdf
Terms of reference for Ministerial review of the funding of Universities, 31 Aug 2011.pdf
Terms of reference for QCTO bank account service, 4 April 2011.pdf
Writer’s Workshop for Women in Higher Education and Training, Aug 2011.pdf


CEPD .mht
Journal list for 2010 publications for submissions in 2011.xls

1998 College Report.pdf
2006 International Bibliography of Social Sciences (IBSS) Index.pdf
47th International Conference on Education 2004 focusing on education and skills development in young people aged.pdf
Annual Report 2000 - 2001.pdf
Annual Report 2002 - 2003.pdf
Annual Report 2004 - 2005.pdf
Annual Report 2005 - 2006.pdf
Annual Report 20062007.pdf
Annual report 2007-2008, 01 September 2008.pdf
Education For All 2000 Assessment.pdf
Education for all Country Status Report for South Africa 2002 - incorporating country plans for 2002 to 2015.pdf
GDP, Total State Finance and State Finance on Education 1995 - 2003.pdf
HE Financial Data Technikons 2000-03.xls
HE Financial Data Universities 2000-03.xls
HE Performance Indicators Techs 2000-03.xls
HE Performance Indicators Varsities 2000-03.xls
Information on the state budget for Higher Education 2001.pdf
Information on the state budget for Higher Education 2002.pdf
Information on the state budget for Higher Education 2003.pdf
Information on the State Budget for Higher Education 2005.pdf
National Teacher Awards 2001.pdf
Proceedings of the 2nd Further Education and Training Convention 2002 Expanding learning opportunities for youth.pdf
South Africa National Report on Development of Education, 25 November 2008.pdf

Folder: Australia's Papers
Folder: Brazil
Folder: Denmark
Folder: Germany
Folder: Ghana
Folder: GHANA Presentaton
Folder: Ireland
Ancillary Health Care Manual.pdf
Annual Performance Plan (draft).pdf
Classification of Educational subject matter-SA CESM, First Edition Manual.pdf
First Aid - Unit Standard 2.pdf
Formal DegreeDiplomaCertificate Programme classification structure manual, 2nd Edition (SAPSE-004).pdf
Guidance and counselling training manual for Abet trainers.pdf
Guidelines for mergers and incorporations of Higher Education Institutions.pdf
HIVAIDS - Qomatsi.pdf
HIVAIDS Emergency Guidelines for Educators.pdf
HIVVIGS - Noodsituasie - Riglyne Vir Onderwyskundige.pdf
Human Resource Guideline.pdf
Information about HIVAIDS.pdf
Intsholongwane KaGawulayo  Ugawulayo - Unxunguphalo.pdf
PFMA planning and reporting requirements for Provincial Education Departments (draft).pdf
Promotion of Access to Information Act (Act 2 of 2000).pdf
Student Statistics manual, 3rd Edition (SAPSE-005).pdf
Tabulation tool.pdf
Tourism Tutor Guide.pdf
Women in Management and into Leadership Position Facilitator's Guide.pdf
Women in Management and into Leadership Position Training Manual.pdf