Message from Director-General

It is my pleasure to present the ninth edition of the annual Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) Research Bulletin on Post-School Education and Training (PSET). The purpose of the Research Bulletin is to share information about the latest research developments on the PSET sector, which covers Universities, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges, Community Education and Training (CET) Colleges, Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs), and Qualifications and Quality Assurance Bodies. The Research Bulletin serves to draw the producers and users of post-school research closer to one another to inform policy and practice. The previous eight editions of the Research Bulletin can be found on the Department’s website at

In response to this year’s Call for Contributions towards the 2020/21 Research Bulletin, we received a record number of submissions. It is true that with every edition, the response rate exponentially increases, which signals the growing significance of the Bulletin as a dissemination tool for research on PSET. It is evident that our stakeholders have been busy with critical research endeavors, and their willingness to share this research with the public via this platform is a great honour which the Department deeply appreciates.

It is noted that this year has been more challenging than ever before; in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that has taken grip of the country and the world at large. You will note that this edition of the Bulletin features a few contributions based on the pandemic and the affects thereof. It is indeed a testimony to our researchers that have managed to continue with their work during this time. Your efforts in the sector have not gone unnoticed. It is only through your dedication, during this global crisis, that we can say, not only have we survived but we have thrived. The extent of research shared in this edition of the Bulletin is proof of the efforts that have been made and the multitude of areas that have been explored for the betterment of our PSET sector.

Thank you to our dedicated researchers for sharing research findings and recommendations, with which we can make informed, evidence-based decisions that can truly assist us in improving the sector for all.