There are a number of scholarship opportunities currently available for South African students to undertake university study and skills development in other countries. The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) coordinates several such scholarships, while others are managed by other international, national and provincial departments or government agencies.

The DHET is committed to increasing access to -post-school education and training opportunities, including skills development. This commitment is communicated in the White Paper on Post-School Education and Training (DHET, 2013) and in the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) III 2011-2016, which aims to make the skills development system more effective and more efficient. The DHET seeks to increase access to quality, relevant education that will benefit economic expansion as well as an inclusive growth path with every South African being able to effectively participate in the economy. International scholarships in the post-school education and training environment play an important role in addressing these and other challenges.

International scholarships are often associated with the opportunity to study all or part of the qualification in another country. In order to compete effectively in a globalised economy, South Africans need to be exposed to international practices, cultures and experiences. This includes new fields of study, new ways of learning, and different environments. International exposure enables students to build skills that are transferrable to both their personal and professional lives.

The DHET unfortunately does not provide funding for international study outside the scope of our scholarship programmes, which are advertised on this website.