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In 2012 the Council on Higher Education (CHE) launched VitalStats in an effort to provide recent, audited and useful information for the higher education sector. The general response to the publication was very positive and the CHE has followed up with VitalStats: Public Higher Education, 2011.

As with the first edition, VitalStats: Public Higher Education, 2011 includes key data on the higher education system in an easy-to-use format. The purpose of the publication is not to analyse the state of the sector, but rather to provide the statistics required for monitoring and evaluation by researchers and other interested stakeholders.

This edition of VitalStats contains data covering the period 2006 to 2011, with 2011 marking the most recent audited data available for the sector. The publication is divided into six sections. A glossary, based on HEMIS definitions, is available at the start of the publication. In the first four sections, data relating predominantly to the student body is provided with sections focused on enrolments and completions; enrolments by qualification type; enrolments by field of study; and enrolments by institutional type. The fifth section of the publication provides data on the staff complement employed at public universities. The sixth section contains a study of the 2006 cohort of students that entered diploma and degree studies, tracking their respective throughput rates. Owing to the different mode of study (distance and often part-time) at the University of South Africa (UNISA), which impacts on the time it takes a student to graduate, statistics for that university have been excluded from this section (as indicated on the relevant graphs). This section of the publication has been expanded in this edition to include basic data on fields of study.

The full publication can be downloaded from the CHE’s website at:

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