Call for papers on higher education, mobility and migration in and out of Africa
Conference at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna , Austria
Thursday, 19 June - Saturday, 21 June 2014


Higher education is a central element in socio-economic development. It helps young people by providing them with professional qualifications to establish themselves occupationally and by enabling their social and geographic mobility.

Because of extremely high birth rates, Africa is the only macro-region in the South where per capita income has declined over recent years despite some economic growth. African governments recognise the importance of education for socio-economic development and increasingly invest in higher education. However, rapid expansion of universities, especially private institutions, is increasingly difficult because of the shortage of university teachers. As a consequence, the quality of education might suffer. Also the employment of university graduates is a problem given the weak development of modern industrial and service sectors. Closely related to this is the issue of emigration of graduates (brain drain) toward Europe and America.

The conference will discuss all relevant issues concerning the development, quality, and outcomes of higher education and university teaching and research in Africa from a comparative perspective, with a specific focus on relations between Africa and Europe. The conference will also provide a forum for African and European social scientists to exchange relevant research findings.

After scientific review we envisage to publish selected contributions in a conference publication.

Possible topics

* Higher educational opportunities (by gender, social class, regions)
* Regional inequalities in higher education, national planning of higher education
* Occupational and professional higher education
* Curricula in arts and humanities
* Quality of higher education teaching and research, language of university teaching
* Cooperation between African and European institutions of higher education
* Employment and unemployment, and occupational careers of graduates
* Mobility of graduates within their countries and Africa
* Mobility from Africa to Europe and America, the problem of brain drain
* Exchange of teachers and students between African and European Universities
* Opportunities for European scientists, teachers and entrepreneurs in Africa
* Contribution of university education to civic attitudes and behavior of students
* Entrepreneurship and self-employment of graduates
* Africa as a field for teaching and research for European academics
* Research facilities and management of research
* Government and the financing of universities, public vs. private institutions
* Religious institutions of higher education (Christian, Muslim Universities)
* Relations between universities and the public sphere



Professor Max Haller, Dr Bernadette Müller, Department of Sociology, University of Graz, and Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

Vice-Rector Professor Heinz Fassmann, Department of Geography and Regional Research, University of Vienna and Institute for Urban and Regional Research/Austrian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Wolfgang Lutz and Dr. Anne Goujon, Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital, Vienna Institute of Demography/Austrian Academy of Sciences

Paper submission

By February 15: An abstract (200 – 400 words) and a short curriculum vitae and list of publications to: Max.Haller@uni.graz.at and to bermuell@wu.ac.at
Tel. (+43) (0)316 380 3541; Fax (+43) (0) 316 380 9515.

The organisers will notify all authors by end of February 2014.

By 7 June 2014: Full papers (first drafts).

Financial support

The organisers can bear the cost of accommodation and contribute to travel costs of participants from Africa.

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