LMIP fosters the research-policy nexus: a case of two policy roundtables


Rushil Ranchod

A core function of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) - led Labour Market Intelligence Partnership (LMIP) is to foster the development of a research-policy nexus by providing evidence to inform policy on skills planning in South Africa. Policy translation activities are therefore a key part of the LMIP’s research communication strategy.

Two policy roundtables took place in the first quarter of 2014.  The first, in January,   focused on the demand-side dynamics that support the creation of a responsive skills planning mechanism. It includes stakeholders from government, the private sector and the research community to discuss the nature and causes of skills-based employment trends in distinct sectors in the South African economy; the issue of skills constraints and measures to address these deficits; and the range of possible interventions that may inform a skills planning mechanism that is responsive to demand-side dynamics and circumstances.

The second roundtable, in March, built on the first. All relevant stakeholders were invited to share knowledge and expertise as they reflected on the most appropriate model of skills planning for South Africa. The event sought to improve the coherence and policy relevance of the research being conducted by the HSRC-led consortium.   

Two policy briefs will be developed from the findings of these events and circulated among all stakeholders in 2014.

Dr Rushil Ranchod is the communications manager for the LMIP.

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LMIP fosters the research-policy nexus




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