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The Minister of Higher Education and Training has initiated a number of special projects in order to advance government’s goal of improving access to post-school education and training programmes and meaningful success in these programmes. The projects are listed below:

  1. The Ministerial Task Team on SETA Performance, chaired by Mr Fikile Majola, was established in March 2011. Its mandate was to assess and make recommendations on SETAs’ performance, governance structures and operational processes. The report has been submitted to the Minister.

  2. The Ministerial Task Team for the Review of the NC(V) qualifications, chaired by Prof Divya Singh, has investigated how the National Certificate (Vocational) qualifications should be positioned to serve their intended purpose and achieve the desired level of success. The task team has submitted its report to the Minister. 

  3. The Ministerial Task Team on a National Strategy for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), chaired by Ms Michelle Buchler, was asked to investigate how wide-scale implementation of RPL could be implemented in the post-school education and training system. The final report was submitted in November 2012 and public comment is to be invited.

  4. The Ministerial Advisory Panel on the Development of African Languages in Higher Education, chaired by Prof Pitika Ntuli, follows the Ndebele Committee whose report was published in 2005.The new panel is to advise the Minister on the development of African languages as languages of scholarship at institutions of higher learning in South Africa. The report is awaited.

  5. The Task Team on the Mathematics and Science Foundation Programme, chaired by Mr Sizwe Mabizela, was asked to develop a Mathematics Foundation Programme to serve as a transit for school leavers who aspire to follow a mathematical sciences career path at FET colleges, universities or other institutions. The task team’s report has been submitted.

  6. The Ministerial Oversight Committee on the Transformation of South African Public Universities, chaired by Prof Malegapuru Makgoba, was established as a monitoring body to advise the Minister on such matters as policy to combat racism, sexism and other forms of unfair discrimination.  The committee was appointed in January 2013.

  7. The Working Group on Fee-free University Education in South Africa, chaired by Prof Derrick Swartz, was appointed to advise the Minister on the feasibility of making fee-free university education available to poor students in South Africa. A draft report was submitted to the Minister in December 2012.

  8. The Task Team on Community Education and Training Centres, chaired by Ms Febe Potgieter, has examined an alternative and more effective institutional form for addressing the needs of out-of-school youths and adults. The task team submitted its report to the Minister in October 2012. The report was tabled in Cabinet in March 2013 and will be gazetted for public comments.

  9. The Ministerial Committee for the Review of the Funding of Universities, chaired by Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, was appointed in August 2011. The purpose of the committee was to review the current funding framework for universities and recommend what changes (if any) should be made taking particular account of historically disadvantaged institutions and small rural universities. The committee submitted its report in December 2012 and briefed the Minister in January 2013. The Minister will present the report to Cabinet before it is published for public comment.

  10. The Ministerial Committee for the Review of the Provision of Student Housing at South African Universities, chaired by Professor Ihron Rensburg, was appointed in August 2010. The committee was required to assess the current provision of student accommodation and to benchmark local universities against each other as well as against institutions operating in a similar environment in other countries. The committee was required to determine student housing needs and assess appropriate models of student housing provision and affordable funding. After receiving the committee’s report in September 2011 the Minister presented it to Cabinet and published it for public comment. Subsequently the Department of Higher Education and Training conducted intensive consultations on proposed minimum norms and standards for student housing. A draft policy and minimum norms and standards will now be gazetted for public comments.

    For further information contact Victor Mathonsi, Director: Special Projects at


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