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Towards a democratic post-schooling sector: building a progressive network of critical research and public engagement

Andrew Martin

The Education Policy Consortium (EPC) has been awarded a grant by the National Skills Fund to conduct a five year research programme on post-schooling. The programme involves several discrete research projects which together will thoroughly probe the multiple purposes of post-school education and training and explore alternative policies and practical solutions.

The aim is to build a network of researchers to undertake a critical re-valuation of public policy on post-schooling and stimulate public engagement with the evidence and findings.

The EPC comprises the Centre for Education Policy Development, the Centre for Education Rights and Transformation at the University of Johannesburg, the Centre for Integrated Post-School Education and Training at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, the Nelson Mandela Institute for Education and Rural Development at the University of Fort Hare, and the Education Policy Unit at the University of the Witwatersrand.  

The programme has six streams:

Stream 1: Building the tools for a progressive post-schooling agenda. This area of work will focus on developing a conceptual framework that is both critical and progressive. It will deconstruct and challenge dominant and increasingly hegemonic approaches to the education and skills development debates and policies.

Stream 2: Progressive research and policy analysis projects. Ten research projects will undertake critical investigations and analyses of fundamental elements of the post-schooling sector. They will inform a nuanced understanding of the relationship between socio-economic development, the post-schooling sector and teaching and learning.

Stream 3: Mobilising and supporting faculties of education for progressive research and development: This stream will mobilise progressive researchers in faculties of education and related disciplinary areas to enhance their knowledge base, research agendas and public engagement with the post-school sector. This stream will include regular seminars, workshops and conferences at provincial and national levels.

Stream 4: Interns and fellows. This stream will support the development of young researchers and critical policy analysts in the area of post-schooling who will lead this critical area into the future.

Stream 5: Public and policy dialogue and conference. A Centre for Integrated Post-School Education and Training will be established at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University as part of the process of developing a progressive and critical approach to post-schooling.

Stream 6: Publications. The stream will focus on creating a quarterly review on post-school education and training and a bi-annual accredited academic journal, revitalizing the Education Monitor and publishing a series of EPC occasional papers.

The coordination and programme management of the six streams of work will be undertaken by CEPD.

Dr Andrew Martin is Programme Manager for the EPC at the Centre for Education Policy Development, e-mail


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