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Social Inclusion (Equity)

To establish a well-functioning social inclusion, equity and transformation unit within the DHET that will:
over time, focus on issues such as institutional culture, staffing, student development and support, gender equity, inclusion, citizenship and social
cohesion, rural development, HIV and Aids, disability, language, curriculum (including grounding programmes), career information and guidance;
ensure that all higher education and training institutions promote human rights and citizenship in their ethos, policies and practices, via monitoring, research, partnerships and policy development; and to recommend support and incentives for innovation and excellence to improve social inclusion, equity and transformation in higher education and training.
To monitor and research transformation processes in the higher education and training system, including focusing on:
the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee Report on Transformation and Social Cohesion and the Elimination of Discrimination in Public Higher Education Institutions;
the development of transformation indicators and a monitoring framework for the system; and on building partnerships with relevant bodies and institutions to support transformation of the system.
To identify and monitor curriculum innovations in citizenship and values education in the higher education and training system.

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