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University Education


Un​iversity Education 


To provide strategic direction in the development of an effective higher education system and manage the government responsibilities for the regulation of the higher education system.


Academic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • To strengthen academic and enrolment planning in supporting the output of quality graduates.
  • To enhance the national Programme and Qualification Mix (PQM) grid by refining and aligning universities' PQMs with the National Plan for Higher Education. 

Programme and Qualification clearance

Academic Planning & Management Support

DHET CAS Project 

CAS Project Purpose

In terms of clause 27.2 of the Policy for the Post School Education and Training Central Application Service, the purpose of the CAS Project of the Department is:

"To conduct the preparation, development and administration necessary to prepare for the establishment of the Central Application Service (CAS) until the entity is established"

Institutional Funding

  • To provide appropriate policy frameworks for the improvement of teaching and learning.
  • To ensure the effective use of earmarked funds by universities for the intended purposes.
  • To review the funding of the university education system as a whole and particularly the funding formula and the entire framework.
  • To strengthen the performance of the higher education system.

Management and Information Systems

To ensure that the Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS) meets the needs for management information across the sector and that it is maintained properly with the required data from universities.

To assist with development by the establishment of an MIS for the post-school system.

Folder: Enrollment 2016
Folder: Enrolment - 2017
Folder: Enrolment 2.12(1986 - 2000)
Folder: Enrolment 2.12(2001 - 2014)
Folder: Enrolment 2.12(2015)
Folder: Enrolment 2.7 1986-2000
Folder: Enrolment 2.7 2001-2004
Folder: Enrolment 2.7 2015
Management and Information Systems resources

Management Support

To ensure that the Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS) meets the needs for management information across the sector, and that it is maintained properly with the required data from universities

To assist with development by the establishment of an MIS for the post-school system.

Management Support resources

Policy and Development Support

To enhance research capacity and development at South African Public Higher Education Institutions through research output subsidy and research development grants.

To provide support to the public Higher Education Institutions through the development of relevant policies.

Policy and Development Support resources

Private Higher Education Institutions

To ensure the appropriate regulation and registration of private higher education institutions.

To support the integration of the registration process of hybrid private education institutions that offer programmes in both the FET and HE sectors.

Private Higher Education Institutions resources

Support and Sector Liaison

To provide regulatory support to universities.

To support the universities in enhancing student governance and leadership.

To support universities in accelerating the process of transformation.

To support universities in improving governance.

Teacher Education

To promote research in teacher education, so as to strengthen the capacity and capabilities of universities to produce Foundation Phase teachers for the Basic Education System.

To strengthen the provision of teacher/lecturer education in the Higher Education and Training System, in collaboration with the Department of Basic Education and the FET College System.

To develop regulatory policies for teacher/lecturer qualifications that are in line with the HEQF.

To ensure the alignment of teacher/lecturer education programmes with academic policy, teacher education policy and the Programme Qualification Mix (PQM).

Teacher Education resources

2nd HE Summit Report


Deputy Director-General

Dr Diane Parker
Telephone +27 12 312 6214/5
Fax +27 12 328 3322

Branch Coordinator

Ms Seputu Mampane

Telephone +27 12 312 5256

Universities in South Africa

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2 million NSFAS funded by government since 2013
24 April 2017 - More than two million students studying at South Africa’s public Universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges have been funded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) since 2013, the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, has announced...more

Did you know?

...that the Department has produced a study of firsttime entering undergraduate cohort studies for public higher education institutions from 2000 to 2008 .


Annual monitoring report: Projected 2014 targets on student enrolment planning - Ministerial statement

Approved CAS Policy Framework

International scholars hips


List of higher education institutions


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