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Planning, Policy & Strategy​

Planning, Policy & Strategy​OVERVIEW

Branch Planning, Policy and Strategy

Branch H provides a number of transversal (cross-cutting) content-related services for DHET such as legal services, international relations, career development, open learning and strategic planning.

Branch H comprises the following Chief Directorates (sub-programmes):

  • Programme Management
  • Chief Directorate: HRD, Planning and Coordination
  • Chief Directorate: Planning, Information, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordination
  • Chief Directorate: International Relations
  • Chief Directorate: Legal and Legislative Services
  • Chief Directorate: Social Inclusion, Access, Quality and Equity

Chief Directorate: Planning, Policy & Strategy​


To provide strategic direction in the development and implementation of relevant policies, programmes and projects. 

​ ​​

Chief Directorate: Policy Management and System Planning 


To manage the policy and system planning​​

Directorate: Research Services Monitoring and Evaluation​ 


To provide research services monitoring and evaluation​​​

Directorate: Information Systems Management


To provide information systems management​​

Chief Directorate: International Cooperation and Development 


To develop, promote, coordinate and render international relations and access international development resources in supporting the education and training objectives, of the Department.​


  • Directorate: Africa and Middle East
  • To foster continental and regional collaboration and to develop relations with the Middle East through outreach and an exchange of knowledge, skills and best practices.​


  • Directorate: Global Partnerships
  • To promote education and training collaboration and leverage resources in order to support a quality and globally competitive higher education and training system.​

​ ​

​Chief Directorate: Social Inclusion, Equity, Access and Quality  


To manage social inclusion and equity, access and quality

Directorate: National Qualifications Framework


To render the national qualifications framework administration​

​ ​

Directorate: Career Development and Open Learning


To provide career development services and open and distance learning​​

Directorate: Social Inclusion and Equity


To provide for social inclusion and equity in higher education and training​

Chief Directorate: Legal and Legislative Services

To manage an administrative legal and legislative service for the Department and administer legal skills and educational Institution matters with legal implications for the Department. 

Medium Term Strategic Framework Reporting on Outcome 5: A skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path

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DHET Information Standards​

​DHET Stand​​ard RefName​Status​Download​Comments​
​DHET 001​The requirements for the Administration of Survey​​Under reviewNot yet available​DoE version is available​
​DHET 002The data Quality Standard Surveys​Completed​Available
​DHET 003​The Publication of the Master list of Education Training Institutions in the Post School Sector​​Under review​Not yet available​2012 version is available
​DHET 004​Requirements for Permission to Conduct Research in the DHET and DHET Institutions​Under development​Not yet available
​DHET 005Standard for File Name Convention​​Completed​​Available
​DHET 006​The Skills Planning Dictionary​​Under development​Not yet available
​DHET 007The Submission, Processing and Archiving of Data​​​Under development​​Available
​DHET 008​TVETMIS File Specification​​​Completed​​Available
​DHET 009The Publication for the Post School Education and Training Statistics Reports​​​Completed​​Available
​DHET 010Data Dissemination Standard
​DHET 011​Compliance of POPI Act in the DHET​​Under development​Not yet available
​DHET 013​Specifications for load files for the Skills Education and Training Management Information System QMR (SETMIS-QMR)​​​Under development​​Not yet available​

Information Systems Coordination


Legal and Legislative Services

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordination

Research Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation

System monitoring & Economic Analysis

Social Inclusion and Equity

​Programme Management

National Qualifications Framework


Acting ​​Deputy Director-General:Planning ,Policy and Strategy

Dr Hersheela Narsee
Telephone 0​12 312 5934

Personal Assistant

Ms Shumani Nelufule
Telephone 012 312 5934/5

Branch Coordinator

Ms Constance Kehologile
Telephone +27 12 312 5538
Fax +27 12-324 5713/086 714 0248​​

​​DHET appoints team to address SGBV in HE institutionsDHET appoints team to address SGBV in HE institutions
6 October 2016 - In a week that has witnessed student movement to advance equity in tertiary education, the sector is cautioning that investment and resources being directed at higher education will be eroded – unless #rapemustfall and HIV, health and wellness factors are also addressed. Hence, a range of stakeholders are championing new plans to address rape and gender-based violence at universities and colleges...more

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25 young South Africans participated in a goldsmith art, jewellery design and watchmaker programme at the Il Tari Design School in Italy. Watch​


Statistics on post-school education and training in South Africa: 2014​


Social inclusion, international cooperation, global partnerships, NQF​